Energy storage

Store the solar energy you generate and use it when your home or business needs it the most. Our range of professional energy storage products has what you need to keep your daily life running smoothly.

Our energy storage brands:

Beenergy energy storage

Beenergy energy storage products are easy to install into different energy supply systems, contributing to a more efficient operation of the grid. Together with Beenergy Smart Box, it is compatible with most smart-home systems.

Deye energy storage

The Deye energy storage is ideal for the deployment of solar systems. They offer a long-term solution with their LFP batteries, stand out for their modular design and smart features.

Huawei energy storage

Huawei energy storage products offer an innovative solution with high efficiency and smart grid management. High-quality batteries guarantee long battery life, optimal energy storage and usage.

Ecoflow energy storage

Despite their compact size, EcoFlow energy storage units offer exceptional performance, thanks to the experience gained in the battery industry. EcoFlow energy storage systems offer an innovative energy supply solution due to their portability and universal applicability.

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