With our wide range of accessories, you can get everything you need to install a solar system in one place.

Our complementary brands:

Rauli accessories

Rauli's mounting brackets and accessories offer a premium and stylish solution for solar panel installation. Easy and quick to install, their aesthetic appearance complements solar panels.

Profinal accessories

Profinal's mounting elements are developed, designed and manufactured in-house. They are perfectly adapted to different roof and cover types, the premium aluminium ensures corrosion resistance and guarantees the durability of the products.

Hager accessories

Hager's special accessories enable dimensionally accurate fitting and stable fixing. Measuring devices, compact circuit breakers and energy management systems contribute to the increased safety of your solar system.

Legrand accessories

Legrand photovoltaic products ensure the protection of your systems, offering pre-configured solutions. These devices prevent electrical surges and protect equipment from harmful effects.

Tendersolar accessories

The Tendersolar bracket offers solutions perfectly adapted to all roof types, including shingle roofs. Adjustable brackets are easy to integrate and adapt to different installation needs.

Santon accessories

Santon accessories stand out for their advanced safety coupling technology, with the safety disconnector at its core. In case of fire, it automatically cuts off the DC circuit, preventing further damage.

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